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      1. TDY31系列雙柱液壓機

        ◆用途和特點:USES and features
        本系列機床適用于各類零部件的壓裝、調彎整形、壓印壓痕、翻邊、沖孔及小零件的淺拉伸; 金屬粉末制品的成型等加工工藝。采用電動控制,設有點動及半自動循環,可保壓延時,并具有良 好的滑塊導向性,操作方便、易于維修、經濟耐用。 根據用戶的需要可增設熱工儀表、頂出缸、行程數顯、計數等功能。

               These series products suit for various parts which could be pushed down and adjusted and imprinted and folded and excavated. The small parts could be elongated lightly. Metal powder goods could be modeled etc. These products that possess litter and half automatic cycle are controlled by electric power. They could maintain voitage and delay. They have a nice directory by sliding block. They have could be operated and maintained with easy. Their cost is litter,but they could be used for a long time.
               The products could odditional setup thermometer and protruding jar and journey digital display and counting organ etc.

        ◆主要技術規格:The main technical specifications



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