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      1. TDY30、TDY30C系列單柱萬能液壓機

        ◆用途和特點:USES and features
        TDY30 系列單柱萬能液壓機
               本機器具有較廣泛的通用性,適用于可塑性材料及粉末制品的壓制;軸類和其他類似零件的校正; 電器零部件的壓裝;小型板形零件的拉伸、成型落料、壓痕、壓印等工藝用途。本機用手或腳進行操縱, 壓力可在規定的范圍內任意調節,操作簡便、靈活、使用安全可靠。

               This machine is a versatile hydraulic press which is suitable for many applications such as:moulding of plastic material,pressing of metal powder,parts straightening of shaft parts and the like pressmounting of electric parts and assemblies,drawing of small parts from plate metal,formblanking,indentation,stamping and etc.It is operated by hand or by foot.The pressure can be adjusted within rated limits.It possesses the features of easiness,smoothness,reliability and safety in operation.

        TDY30C 系列單柱萬能液壓機
               本機器具有較高的半自動化程度,可做軸類、套類零件的定程、定壓的壓裝,及可塑性材料和 粉末制品的壓制,電器零部件的壓裝及小型板形零件的拉伸、成型落料、壓痕、壓印等工藝用途, 亦可做軸類和其他類似零件的校正工藝。 本系列機器可用雙手按鈕或腳踏開關(腳踏開關需用戶另訂)進行操作,具有定程、定壓、延 時保壓的單次循環功能和點動調整功能,行程,壓力,保壓延時可調,操作方便、安全可靠。

               This engine possesses upper half automatic extent,the axis and telescopic parts could be pushed down through fixing distance and pressure.The plastic material and powergoods and electric parts could be pushed down too.The small board shape parts could be drawn out,modeled and dropped,impressed and incused such as technical uses.The axis parts and also similar ones aould be could be revised. These series ones could be operated by double handling switch or kick starter which need to be ordered by clients.The engines hae functions of keeping distance and keeping pressure and single cycle when keeping pressure and delaying also hae point adjusting function.Tts distance and pressure and delay while keeping pressure could be adjusted.operation is easy and safe and reliable.

        ◆主要技術規格:The main technical specifications



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